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St. Michael’s Mission for Ukraine

We help Ukrainians in their fight for their freedom in the war with Russia.
We also help Ukrainians here in Canada.
We will appreciate any help.
God bless you!


With Your donations

We have achieved:

Dear brothers and sisters, up till May 1st, 2022, 11 p.m we received $131,060 in Donations to support Ukraine. Thank you everyone for your generous donations and support!

These donations includes $22,089 received from Ukrainian volunteers in Estevan. On April 2nd, they held fundraising dinner in cooperation with Royal Canadian Legion.

To donate, please e-transfer to:

To donate by cheq, please drop it off or mail the cheq to:

2075 McDonald St, Regina

S4N 2Y4

Funds were distributed the following way:

  • $7,862 were directed per request from Ukrainian volunteers in Estevan.
  • $5,000 purchase of ambulance
  • $2,510 volunteers in Lithuania to for humanitarian aid, purchase of gasoline for busses to bring refugees from Ukraine, purchase of another vehicle
  • $1,000 to volunteers in Lviv, gasoline for busses to bring refugees from Kramatorsk
  • $700 – Meest Regina – partially cover costs for sending aid to Ukraine.
  • $1,282 – to cover bus repair costs for volunteers in Lviv, bus is used to evacuate people from eastern part of Ukraine.
  • $26,794 Supplies and vehicles for volunteers
  • $500 Volunteer in Chernigiv: humanitarian aid, supplies
  • $4,000 – first aid kits
  • $2,500 – were sent to our volunteers that we work with in Lithuania. To send aid to Ukraine, bring refugees from Ukraine, and purchase of another vehicle
  • $23,864 – 34 special radios from Poland, very needed tool to have.
  • $5,670 were sent to 6 volunteers to purchase medical supplies which are still available in Ukraine.
  • $571 – tools for fixing military equipment
  • $9.540 to purchase different supplies for our volunteers in Ukraine
  • $4,979 to purchase Jeep for volunteer doctor who constantly travels to the east of Ukraine and needs stronger vehicle as the roads are badly damaged in Ukraine
  • $2,178 sent to volunteers in Sumy, March 11th, humanitarian corridor opened up for people to leave Sumy
  • $600 to Meest Regina, cover costs to ship humanitarian aid.
  • $2,000 – army supplies for Zhytomyr area
  • $2,000 – contributed for vehicle for volunteers constantly traveling to the east
  • $5,981 – 15 radios for Zaporizhzhya, area where our soldiers are in a difficult position near nuclear power plant.
  • $2,819 – supplies for volunteers in Zhytomyr.
  • $441 – medical supplies for volunteers in Zhytomyr. Total funds spent up till May 1st, 2022 – $112,794.

Report & Achivements

Saint Michael’s Mission for Ukraine

Dear friends, up until Oct 20th, 2022, we have been able to raise 40.000 CAN $, which was sent to the NGOs organizations and military units in Ukraine and was spent the following way:

  • 9136.54 $ -Wheels of Victory (repaired and delivered a pickup truck to Sumy)
  • 3250 $ – Chervona Kalyna (soldiers summer uniforms, gear)
  • 2448.04 $ – Dolonka Dopomogy (hospital beds)
  • 1350 $ – Opora (more tactical summer gear for volunteer battalion)
  • 3695.20 $ – Action in Ukraine (medical supplies for the field hospitals, logistics truck)
  • 2012.51 $ – Ukrainian JC ( an ambulance)
  • 663.13 $ – Sumy Babskyi Batallion (camouflage material to cover large objects)
  • 15654.43 $ – 5 military volunteer battalions (tactical support: winter boots, warm gear, diesel generators, diesel truck, drones, night vision equipment, water filters)


Your Generosity Matters

Be a Part of Making a Change

St. Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church started fundraising campaign to Soppurt Ukraine on March 1st 2022. Our parish works with those volunteers that we know personally in Ukraine. Between March 1st and April 30th, we fundraised $130,000. These funds were used for various purposes: purchase of medical supplies, food and other necessities for people affected by war in Ukraine. Purchase of vehicles for volunteers, purchase of radios, drones, protective vests and other supplies and equipment. Funds were also sent to complete repair work for busses that are used to transport refugees from east of Ukraine, including paying their gasoline bills.

We were very blessed to receive such tremendous help, people are very generous in their donations.
We continue our mission to support Ukraine, if you would like to support our mission, please donate by using one of the following options: